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How to grow home flower garden design ideas and free planting layouts in your backyard landscape. Over the past few years the idea of a tropical garden has become popular. Plants used to create this tropical look come with lots of color, as an extra bonus the plants carry a unique look all their own. Color and unique looks can make these plants more appealing to garden lovers in areas of the country where many gardeners plant and use the same type of material. Some of the best design ideas for creating a garden arbor full of tropicals not only has its own beauty but also attracts its share of nature garden friends, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. The variety of plants for use in the design is diverse.



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With these free garden designs and ideas, some plants will require lots of water to look well and other may require plenty of heat. Design your home flower garden with outdoor solar lights and enhance the colors at night. One down side of tropical gardens comes from a fact of nature. They don’t handle freeze well and in fact may not survive. To battle this winter cold many tropical lovers in cooler climates opt for keeping their tropicals in containers for easy movement indoors during the cold winter. Tropical gardens are similar to the beauty of a home japanese water garden design layout. If the idea of creating a tropical garden intrigues you, a few rules need to go into the garden plan.



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The biggest and most important is sunlight. Most tropicals require lots of sunlight. Growing the plants in containers, raised beds or planted in the ground all require the garden area to have lots of sun. How much sun you ask? As a minimum, six hours per day of direct sunlight each day. One “must have” plant for any tropical garden is the bougainvillea. These colorful, bush/trees respond well to irregular watering. For example in the bougainvilleas natural habitat it may enjoy periods of rain for weeks at a time, then long dry periods. Enjoy our free photo gallery with garden fencing ideas to help add beauty to your landscape while keeping out pesky critters.


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These conditions you can easily duplicate. Water your bougainvillea very well for a few weeks and then stop. When bougainvillea goes through dry periods, you get rewarded with nature dressing the bougainvillea with a wardrobe of bright colored flowers. When planning a garden layout with flower designs, be sure to include a few plants in containers that will create a colorful show and wonderful tropical addition to a summer pool landscape. Bougainvillea not only gives tropical color but also can be grown in a variety of ways. Under the right conditions they can almost grow as a vine climbing up a trellis. However, they lend themselves as excellent candidates to being pruned and shaped.


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The downside of learning how to make a garden with bougainvilleas is the barbs or thorns they hold on the trunk and branches. Keep children away from them. The plus of the thorns is they make a good natural fence if you use them that way. Thorns aside the bougainvillea displays a breath taking tropical color display difficult to duplicate. The key to starting your tropical garden begins with sunlight, six hours minimum and do not forget to include a Bougainvillea for true tropical color, after that the possibilities are endless.



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